Woodland series
About the artist

WELCOME to my online portfolio, an ever-evolving exness.net.in/demo-account virtual gallery, as well as links to actual galleries where my work can be viewed or purchased and a diary of forthcoming events.

Predominantly landscapes, invariably in oils, my paintings range from panoramic views stretched to infinity to intimate moments in nature, carried out in a style that can be, at times, minutely detailed yet also bold, loose and textured. Whilst my style demonstrates a passion for colour, my choice of subject repeatedly displays a fascination with how the familiar can be utterly transfigured by an often momentary effect of the light.

This fascination can lead me rapidly from exness app download for pc one theme to another, so that my work is as endlessly varied as the seasons. I often store ideas for some considerable time, revisiting similar places or moments in nature again and again, until sufficient material is gathered - in my head, in photographs, in sketches - to bring a painting about. I typically work on more than one painting at a time and live with unfinished work in view all around me, finding that a relaxed yet critical eye cast on a canvas helps to inform my decisions as to how to progress it towards a completion that either satisfies my original intention or, sometimes, a new yet equally valid one that may have emerged during the working process.

A love of photography underpins my work, helping me to earmark, collect and then piece some of my subjects together, although I seldom work from one particular image and each canvas evolves into a finished piece that has an integrity all of its own. The size of canvas used varies broadly, dependent on subject, and I enjoy filling that canvas in a way that sometimes challenges traditional composition; often bringing the contemporary spin of the photographer's eye to what can be quite traditional subject-matter . My aim, with this approach, is to give rise to appealingly modern results; paintings that can be lived with in a contemporary environment whilst holding faith with an oft-maligned mission in twenty-first century art; simply, to capture the best of nature's most fleeting moments so that they can be revered at leisure.

I have lived and worked in Berkshire https://exness.net.in/web-terminal for over 20 years and am self-taught in the use of oils. Since becoming a "full-time" artist in 2007, I have exhibited at various galleries and special events across Hampshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire and plan to broaden both the range of my work and its exposure in 2009.